Puku, polka dots and pockets

I just, JUST scraped in to get this dress finished in April! I had mostly finished it before Easter but then was on holiday for pretty much the last 2 weeks so on my last day off I finished making alterations for the fit, finished the neckline and hemmed it.

Second Laurel
This is my second version of the Colette Patterns’ Laurel dress. Excuse the pictures – I took these quickly at work (first day back and not particularly enthused about anything) and I think my camera is on the way out… My first Laurel (below, left) I made this time about 1 year ago and was the second dress I’d ever made. I feel like I’ve definitely improved, however, making modifications to woven patterns for maternity is a whole ‘nother area I need to work on.
Laurels side by side
This recent Laurel is my first attempt at a non-knit dress for my maternity wardrobe and fitting it was a pain.

Meh, it’s wearable, has pockets (POCKETS!) and I don’t know how to fix up the neckline (might be to do with the denim being a bit too rigid??) so I’m not gonna fuss around with it anymore. I’ll still count it as a success. Hahaha, can’t seem to stay away from the polka dots!

Second Laurel

Oh yeah, and this counts as my first day of Me-Made-Maternity-May 2014 🙂 I’m now 24.5 weeks so will be hitting my third trimester by the end of the month, eeeeeek!

Anyone else out there participating in MMMay14? For those of you who don’t know, Me-Made-May is a challenge created by Zoe from So, Zo… What do you know?, a blog I’ve followed for a while now 🙂

If you’re interested, I also made a swimsuit at the start of April for my Raro holiday – pics on my blog Magpieness.

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