Two pattern doubles

Getting ready for Summer, the Monthly Stitch Challenge: Seeing Double finally made me sew something that I need a lot more of: SHORTS.  I wear shorts, gaucho pants, capris, and or pedal pushers pretty much every day even when it is not Summer so I need a lot of them.  I have been more into sewing skirts, tops, and even jackets because I seem to have a lot of problems fitting anything close to pants.

So I have two doubles for the April challenge.  Two shirts I made for different occasions nearly a year ago and two pairs of shorts that I sorely needed in my wardrobe.  Also, I finished the shorts just in time and lost internet, cable, and phone the night before I would have posted the proof.  Oh well, better late than never 🙂


I decided to make shorts with an actual fitted waistband and a real closure so I went at it with the basic pant pattern from Design it Yourself Clothes.  I may try a full length version of these one of these days as I believe I’ve found my go to pants pattern.  I love the button closure on the side as I always believed that front flys were not invented for those of us with stomachs.

I’m planning about three more pairs of shorts.  I just have to remember not to use two very different fabrics together when they’re supposed to lay together…one of those pairs of shorts has a facing that doesn’t lay right because there is no stretch in it whereas there is lots of stretch in the denim, but you can’t see that in the pictures so hopefully no one but me will ever know



Fabrics: stiff cotton quilting on both shirts, a mishmash of denim from two pairs or RTW pants and a lightweight from Joann fabrics, a heavy cream and gold woven from Joann fabrics that frays like crazy (I know it is cotton, but don’t remember more than that), and a cotton quilting fabric from Wal-Mart

Buttons: plastic from the dollar store on the shirts, white buttons on one pair of shorts from my Aunt Joan’s sewing stash (I inherited her things along with some of my grandmother’s), and the denim buttons came from RTW pants


I love the shirring on the sleeves of my cream shirt and will make at least one other.

For the rest of the pictures, and a slightly longer entry, you can go to my blog.  Happy sewing 🙂

4 thoughts on “Two pattern doubles

  1. Well done for tackling pants, twice! You got a great fit, I would keep that as my go-to pattern as well 🙂 Interesting that the closure is on the side but I agree that it would be more comfortable, I think the front fly concept is more for men anyway 😉


  2. I can’t bring myself to sew trousers or shorts, tried once and ended up in disaster. So I’m a bit in awe of people who make them! Your shorts look ace!


    • Thanks so much! I was scared of them too, but have had success with a skirt and top that matches my measurements so figured I’d try the same thing with shorts. I’ll try a pants version when Winter comes back around.


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