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New Look 6483, three ways

Hola Amigos,

So sorry about this late entry to April’s Sewing Double, but it has become quite difficult to get photographs now that it’s dark when my guy gets home, so I had to wait until the weekend. I managed to make three versions of one pattern last month, which would impress most people – but not you monthly stitchers with your multiple entries of fantastic-ness.

I have been hunting for a basic top pattern for awhile as I seem to have a bit of a fitting issue across my back with many patterns and my attempts to solve this have not paid off. I think that New Look 6483 might be close enough though. To be honest it is not the most exciting pattern in the world, so please note my attempts to ‘style’ them differently (change of shoes.. yip, looks completely different – haha).


First up I made version C, in a floaty orange polyester – hoping it would be a wearable muslin. I love a good racer neckline, and expected this to be cut a litte more dramatically than it is. Hopefully a little tweaking will help. The fabric was thinner than I thought (and really looks a bit cheap now that I see it made up) so I underlined it/self-lined it (a bit of a mish mash). I left out the facings as the fabric is so thin and they would have shown through. Once I’d almost finished it, this sat in the UFO pile for a number of weeks – it hadn’t earned ‘wearable’ status. However I recently tried it on again and decided that it was worth completing. It’s a good pop of colour under a jacket or with jeans. (Or for a backyard party as proven by these pictures. As you can see I was trying my hardest to make it look different that the other versions!). Pretty terrible photos I know. I just ran outside to get another one so you can see what it looks like untucked. A little bit wrinkly and maybe the darts look a bit droopy? It’s definitely the fabric causing that dart problem.


The next top I made was a copycat of a chambray T-shirt I’d seen in nz/aussie store Forever New. I couldn’t find chambray anywhere (but have since seen it in two shops) so went with a light-ish weight denim. That sounds kind of strange, denim T-shirt, right? I used the sleeved version- A, but what I really liked on the RTW top were the cuffs, so I added some on myself.


I have worn this top a number of times so I must like it. But as you might be able to tell from the photos (and all that hair covering) I am not so sure on the neckline. It is just a bit too close to the neck – it’s not uncomfortable, but I feel really covered up in it. Hopefully it is just a matter of redoing it a cm or so wider. The weight on the denim is really comfortable but it doesn’t have a lot of drape so maybe looks a bit boxy.


Finally I’ve made a floaty version out of muslin. I’m not really sure whether you’re ‘allowed’ to make clothes out of muslin and whether it will cope with a machine wash, but I just loved the feel and print of this fabric.


This too was inspired by a RTW top. I chopped the bodice of a few inches short and attached a gathered hem. I also extended the sleeves to 3/4 length using another pattern for guidance. I used the neckline from version E as well, which I like much better.



All in all, three tops that are bound to get a bit of wear. Not sure how much I love the orange one but I will definitely make the pattern up again now that I know it fits. It was really easy and very customisable.



5 thoughts on “New Look 6483, three ways

  1. Of course you’re ‘allowed’ to make garments for wearing in muslin! Muslin is just a type of fabric. It’s a very pretty muslin. When we make up ‘a muslin’ this is actually a toile, often but not always made of calico, muslin or whatever is suitable for your garment. I find it easy to buy calico but have only found plain muslin in my local stores – I would jump at a pattern like this.


    • Haha, who plays by the rules anyway! It’s just that the muslin is kept with all the baby fabric and I haven’t really seen clothing made from it before.


  2. I think these look great. I feel you on finding top patterns that fit. I’ve had similar struggles, but now have two patterns that I know fit me so I just fiddle with them to get different looks.


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