Sew Stretchy Florals


This is my entry for May’s “Sew Stretchy” Challenge

Yes, yes, I know. I haven’t even put up the April Challenge yet.

it’s coming lol


This is Vogue 8825 the dress view.


The fabric is a silky-feeling knit from JoAnn’s.

I always forget to read the name of the fabrics I get from there.


I decided I wanted to make this dress up on my serger because everyone is always talking about how easy it is to sew knits that way.


I cut a 12 in the bodice and sleeves and cut a 10 for the skirt.


I also (obviously) didn’t sew the whole sleeve.

I cut at the “lenghten/shorten” line.

Since spring is here, I wasn’t planning on wearing long sleeves.

I finished the hems on the serger before folding them under.


It was pretty much an easy sew, aside from the annoying time I spent on the pleats.

I’m a beginner so everything takes me forever.

darts, pleats, all that…

I think most of the trouble comes from trying to find the best way to mark them.

I always figure it out eventually though.


If I made this again, I would probably make it in the fall with a heavier knit and the long sleeves.


That’s about all. I really like the dress 🙂

It makes me feel really girrrrllyyy.

The shoes help too lol

Tell me what you think!

and head over to my blog for more pics and a little more talk 🙂

22 thoughts on “Sew Stretchy Florals

  1. Great job! I know what you mean about pleats. I just snip the fabric and then pin them before removing the pattern tissue completely, then baste them quick before they slip. You look fab in this – perfect fabric choice and the shoes rock!


  2. Very nice job. I understand about things taking forever as it does for me too. I just had to learn to be more patient with myself.


  3. Really stylish! I tend to just mark with my fabric marker for darts and things on a knit. Because the seam allowances on a knit pattern are often smaller (like 3/8th inch) if you snip to mark them they’ll be close to the seam and might weaken it. But I do sometimes snip on wovens!


  4. Wow, stunning dress! Love the fabric, and the style suits you really well. 🙂 (Also, those shoes are great!)


  5. It’s gorgeous! For marking pleats I generally use a pin, or just snip on the seam line, noting how far in I’ll have to stitch. OR, tailors tacks seem like they’ll take ages but are actually quite a time saver (and make you feel really fancy)


  6. I love this! The print is so pretty and perfect for springtime, and the shape of the dress suits you beautifully. Oh and the shoes are awesome 🙂


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