A late sewing double, and I blame mornings

More sewing double, but too late for the April challenge. I blame the end of daylight savings. There have been very few mornings lately with the magic combination of a) light b) no rain c) the Fashion Critic in the right mood to be photographer, and d) the model (me) not running late for work. One of the WSBN ladies (I think it was Wendy) did a big pattern clear-out and I scored this one, Style 4268.Style 4268First, view 1 with the 80s school teacher collar, in a lurid green silk/cotton…
Style 4268 green front
Style 4268 green back
Style 4268 green sleeveSecond, view 2 with the pussy bow, in a gorgeous buttery viscose… Style 4268 blue front 3
Style 4268 blue front 2 Style 4268 blue bow
Style 4268 blue back 1More details here.


4 thoughts on “A late sewing double, and I blame mornings

  1. I love vintage style patterns, one of my fave patterns is a style blouse! These are a lot of fun, but i think the second one is my pick – loveLy!


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