Two at once …

… finally 🙂

I did it! Sewing Double AND Sew Stretchy!
And I’m sew happy with it 🙂


Actually, Sew Stretchy is not really a challenge, cause I’m sewing mostly with knits.
But I was in search of a knitdress,
suited to a 50year-old,
not showing too much leg
and wearable with a swinging but not too swingy silhouette.
I found it!
For me it’s Coco from Tilly and the buttons.
I adjusted the top, now one size smaller than the bottom and I adjusted the length to my knee-hight.
Other than that, nothing.

cocoApples1 (3 von 1)

As you can tell, I’m really happy.
My first try, color-blocked, but still a little large on top.

cocoApples3 (3 von 1)

My second one (and not the last …) smaller size on top and short sleeves.
I finished the scooped neck with a band and made it a little smaller.


Being Sew Stretchy, a added a pair of leggings.


And, since spring in Germany is not for cowards.
I had to add this cosy, snuggly sweat-jacket by Mialuna and double meet the Sew Stretchy challenge.
I just love it, there will be more of that.

If you want to know more about it, visit my blog 🙂

4 thoughts on “Two at once …

  1. Such gorgeous fabric choices… I always struggle to find knits I like that aren’t boring. I know I would feel happy every time I put on a dress like that!


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