The Gulf of Mexico is a stretch

Even in the rain the Gulf is beautiful, so after a near washout trip last weekend we made an offer on a beachfront condo — and after much back and forth they accepted it! So it looks like we’re moving! Holy smoke! We’d thought it would take several trips to find something – it usually does for us – but it happened right away.

As you can imagine I’ve been running around like a crazy person cleaning and getting our house ready for sale. BUT I managed to finish another quickie knit maxi. Boy am I loving that this style has come back in.


As advertised, this pattern is very easy! No zipper, no buttons, unless you’re me.

I would definitely recommend this pattern. Even for someone not very confident with knits, it was a quick sew. Obviously I lengthened it, adding a side slit. I rolled the hems on the armholes and back neck, stitching by hand. But since the fabric is very light and I thought it might be clingy, I lined the front bodice with the same fabric. That worked well, leaving a nicely finished neckline.


Painterly Dress, accessorized with… nothing at all! But when I went out later I wore red flatform sandals by Prada and a chunky necklace by Rada.

The neckline is pretty, but I’m short! So it was too low cut for me. I thought I’d made enough of an adjustment when I cut it out but it turns out nay nay. After wearing it with a brooch and safety pin to hold the wrap front wrapped and not gapping, I decided that was just pitiful for a custom made dress!


Wrap bodice, stitched down and embellished.

Enter the ubiquitous covered buttons! I found some lavender jersey in my stash and covered some 1/2 inch buttons (with this splashy fabric I could have used almost any color). But first I stitched the overlap securely with lavender thread – again how to choose which color? Now I can wear this dress without constantly adjusting it or worrying that I’m going to have a malfunction.


This kind of neckline begs a big necklace, even if you don’t have a fit problem. I found this Rada at Anthropologie. It actually goes with an awful lot of my wardrobe and may fill in other iffy necklines.

I’ll leave with you with a shot of our soon to be home. Somebody pinch me! Come see more of my sewing adventures at !


I’ve always felt that this is where Heaven and earth meet. What a blessing to walk there and feel peace.

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  1. Thank you! We’re going to Clearwater. It doesn’t get much prettier! I mean the beach, not the dress. I need to start sewing on silks – it’s hot in summer!


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