Ready for the nice weather!

I am very happy to be part of this Sew Stretchy Challenge … And it’s good timing too as I love making knit tops and dresses in preparation for the sunny spring/summer weather.

I’d like to show you my new top – New Look 6940.  I was looking to sew up some knits and had already purchased FIVE knit fabrics to add to my stash (over a period of a month or so – I know, way too much!) but then realized that I didn’t have any knit patterns that were suitable, so off to the fabric store I went again to load up on knit patterns!

This brown print ITY knit fabric (polyester/lycra) actually started off as a dress (a long story which you can read about here on my blog) but it ended up being a top instead!  Which was definitely a better choice!

The pattern and fabric were so easy to trace, cut out and sew up on my sewing machine.  So easy, that I think I should sew up another one very soon!  I had no problems putting this material through my machine, they both behaved beautifully.

I pretty much stuck to the pattern, except when I put single fold bias tape on the neckline and the sleeve and bottom hems.


So I consider this one to be a real winner!


Happy Sewing!

6 thoughts on “Ready for the nice weather!

  1. Lovely! It looks very comfortable but not too casual. My local fabric shops have very limited knit selections – and there are so many knit projects I want to make! I’ll just have to stock up when I’m on holidays 🙂


  2. I LOVE this pattern and the print is just lovely. With the week of great weather I realize I need to make myself a few nice dressy blouses. I like the flaring short sleeves and the detail around the bodice. Good job.


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