Sewing with Knits: Double Draped Skirt

Last month during the Sew Double challenge I posted about two Teach Me Fashion draped skirts: one that didn’t quite fit (not even close) and another made from knit fabric which was spot on! Ever since I made my second version I couldn’t stop thinking about a simple pattern hack to make a ‘double drape’ skirt so that the centre front hems cross over. These asymmetrical skirts are quite popular at the moment and I think they’re super fun. I created this skirt by simply cutting two front drape pieces, but no front rectangle piece. Otherwise I pretty much followed the instructions. I’m not even sure you could call this a pattern hack!

Double drape skirt

I made up a size medium out of a red ponte-like fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics. The stretch content in this fabric must be slightly less than my black textured version. It seems my thighs are trying to Hulk out of the skirt. I feel a little self-conscious in it but I love the front so much I’m just going with it anyway. I overlocked all the seams and only used the sewing machine to baste the pleats and front together and to hem the skirt using a twin needle. This skirt came together in about an hour.

This is a really fun skirt and I think my wardrobe could benefit from owning it in a few different colours. In the future I might just loosen the S/A a bit, or buy green fabric and pretend to be Mrs Hulk. For a bit more detail on my double drape skirt check out my blog.

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