Stretchy sewing!

So, this months ‘Monthly Stitch’ challenge is ‘Sew Stretchy‘. This is not a challenge that inspired great enthusiasm from me to start with, as I just don’t get excited about sewing knits. I even considered not contributing this month, I dislike the idea of knits so much! Fast forward a couple of weeks and I have been on a bit of a stretchy bender! I don’t know why I felt so indifferent, because knits are so quick and easy. I have used up parts of my stash that I thought would linger for much longer and in the space of a week and a half I have made 2 cardigans and 3 t-shirts! What exactlty did I make? (I hear you ask…)
First off is this cardigan. It’s a free download from iconic Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. I have had this pattern on my radar for almost 10 years now and have made it up a couple of times (but both unwearable in very cheap jersey), but it’s a great way of demonstrating the difference a knit can make.
DSC04090 (800x600)
This is it made up in a thick ponte jersey. I got this rather large remnant for £1 (amazing right?). The pattern, once made up, is a like a sculpture and the concept is quite avant garde. I would say that in this fabric it is more of a jacket than a cardi.
I am wearing it upside down, which is how I think this version looks best! The bottom of the collar turned upside down forms a lapel type flap and the back is alot longer and the shape cocoony.
DSC04091 (800x600)
But, here it is on the mannequin…Before we go any further, I must make it clear that I did press this constantly, but whenever I put it down it seemed to crease!
DSC04012 (600x800)DSC04013 (600x800)DSC04014 (600x800)
It has a shawl collar when worn the right way up and look how the sleeves hang from the side! It’s as if it already has arms in them. I love that part of it! (although they look a bit funny from the front) The back is short and on the waist, which gives a blouson effect.
This is the same garment in the light pointelle knit I got at the sewing meet-up on Saturday. It’s so light and drapey. This is more suited to wearing the intended way up, but maybe not with these trousers creating a bum frame!!!!
DSC04078 (600x800)
DSC04082 (600x800)
I love this knit! I kind of picked it out on a whim and when I got it home wasn’t quite sure if it was my kind of thing, but I think it will make a great cover up for the summer.Ark at me…I made a twinset! Yep, I had enough fabric left over to squeeze a cropped Hemlock Tee out. I haven’t pressed the hem well in this picture, but it looks alot better now that I have!

DSC04081 (600x800)
Here’s another cropped Hemlock, but without the neckband. I just folded over the overlocked edge and stitched down with a straight stitch for a plain finish. Well, there was that and the fact that I was running out of scraps! This was left over from my stripey dress and I intended to wear this to the Saturday meet-up, but when I tried it on in the morning realised that it was too warm as the weather was-a-scorching.
DSC04064 (600x800)
I must confess that I liked it so much when I finished it that I immediately ordered the reverse colourway of Cream with Navy stripe. I have a metre of it, so may make 2 if I can make it go that far, or maybe order a bit more Navy with Cream stripe and mix them together a la ‘Petit Bateau‘.
This is my last streeeetch! This fabric is weird! It is a black and white stretch brocade with a 50’s/retro scribble weave which seems to be woven entirely in Lycra or some very synthetic yarn. It feels good quality though and is really thick. This was another £1 piece and I have enough left to make a skirt. Twinset and skirt suit in one month? How mature of me! I made this using the same pattern as my Crimplene jacket, but obviously sans front opening!
DSC04087 (800x600)

There we have it, the fruits of my stretchy labour! I have surprised myself with this challenge and would urge people to try out the Hemlock tee. The Yohji Yamamoto jacket is not for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try. Personally I love them both and feel I have created some really useful basics for my wardrobe.

Phew, glad I got there in the end!!!

10 thoughts on “Stretchy sewing!

  1. Love to see how different the same pattern looks with a different kind of fabric. The color of the first card-jacket.


  2. Sewing with knit fabrics can be addictive! Love the look of your Hemlock t-shirts (the pattern’s on my to-try list).


  3. What an impressive lot of stretchy loveliness. I think it’s very interesting that you went from indifference to making five knit garments in no time. Do you think you’ll be continuing your newfound fondness for knits? I think your jacket is very cute and I’ve downloaded the pattern too now, thanks for the link 🙂


    • Well, it’s not as though I’ve never sewn knits, but I just avoid it. I guess that’s the point of these challenges, to encourage us all to do something different! Definitely new found fondness! Hope you get on well with the jacket! As above, definitely muslin first. I forgot to write that I chopped about 10cm off the sleeve length!


    • Thank you! If you are going to make the cardi at all, definitely do a muslin first though to work out if it’s for you or not. It’s an odd one for sure!


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