Finished Knickers

Upcycle stretchy!

When I read about this month’s challenge I was initially a little daunted. I haven’t actually sewn anything stretchy before. I therefore approached the challenge with some trepidation and decided to simply use an old t-shirt as my fabric rather than waste money on new fabric.

I found a tutorial online for making your own knickers at Belle and Burger and decided I’d give it a go. It seemed such a good way to recycle an old t-shirt.

They are a very ordinary pair of cotton knickers but they are very comfy to wear! I can definitely see myself making some more underwear in the same way. I’m eyeing up a pile of my son’s outgrown t-shirts that I feel need to fall under my scissors!

Sorry, there aren’t many photos; I didn’t want to model these for all the world to see! There are a few more details and pictures of the steps on my blog.



2 thoughts on “Upcycle stretchy!

  1. Making knickers can become addictive but a great way to use up old t-shirts. I think if you can make them, knickers, you’ll be just fine tackling other stretch knit projects – kep going!


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