The remnant skirt and Kwik Sew top

ebcWdN4WK2K_10192508 I know, I know…I said I would never sew with synthetics again and here I am having broken that pledge… my second project for this months challenge 🙂

1GuAxxcQR6f_10192514 The skirt is made of remnants from making t-shirts for my son a couple of years ago. I left all the edges exposed and the front has a sort of apron-like effect, I didn’t use a pattern, just draped and sewed. It is slightly quirky and I like it 🙂 The black fabric is a good quality Japanese cotton knit and the grey is a beautiful luxe ponte; gorgeous to wear.

xJmRYw2FWKa_10192520 This is the fabric for the top, it is a flocked nylon net, sort-of-thing; quite strange but also pretty. The flocked pattern was almost impossible to pin, but very easy to sew. I intended this to have some ruching at the sides to disguise my tum, but there isn’t enough stretch in the fabric to deal with that, so it tends to sag a bit- no matter, it still looks nice. The pattern is Kwik Sew K3766, a learn to sew pattern, it couldn’t be easier, about an hour to make all up. I omitted the neck band and just hemmed the neckline, it fits well without adjustment (apart from the usual shortening of body and sleeve length.

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