The 7/8th Knit Dress Craze

said & done: Handmade by Chris

Somebody switched on summer around my parts! Suddenly, literally over night, it became warm enough for sleeveless dresses and little sandals!

Which gives my plenty of opportunity to show off the latest dress craze that has come out of my sewing room: Almost full length knit maxi dresses.


IMG_7965I made two so far, both from 1.5m precuts of various knit fabrics. That’s where the 7/8th length comes from – it is as far as 1.5m of fabric will go on me. I think properly full length might look a little bit better, but I`m just not elegant enough to wear full length: I keep stepping on the hem, ripping it down in the process, when I walk up stairs the gathered up skirt  doesn’t make me look like a picture floating elegance but like a slightly overworked washer woman – in short, full length maxis make me nervous and I…

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