Twinsies – mind and soul!

Have you seen the new Papercut collection? Called TRI, it’s a workout/leisure focused collection, consisting of slim-cut track pants, an exercise top, and a swimsuit.

Mel and I decided it was about time for some more Twinsies photos – every so often, we pick an indie pattern and stitch it up at the same time, then get photos together. So much fun! 😀

So we decided to make the Anima trousers and the Pneuma tank top, then run around the Memorial gardens one Saturday afternoon to get some photos. After all, gotta get pretend-working-out photos when you make workout-friendly garments, right?!



First up, let’s talk about the Anima pants. A slim-cut pant, with three length variations – full length (with or without ankle cuffs), just-below-knee length (again with or without cuff), and shorts length. There are good pockets (deep enough to carry an iPod safely while running, according to another blogger – I must admit to not having tried that yet), a faux fly front, and the waistband has wide elastic so they’re comfy to wear and move in. There’s also a drawstring around the waist, too.


Papercut Anima pants

Papercut Anima pants


I made the full-length version with the ankle cuff, and Mel made the three-quarter version with the cuff. Mel put the drawstring in her’s, only using eyelets instead of buttonholes. I didn’t bother putting in the drawstring, since I always take drawstrings out of trackpants anyway. 😉



We both found the Anima pattern nice and easy to put together. The only slightly tricky bit is the waistband, where you have to sew through multiple layers of fabric while pulling the elastic taut, but as long as you take your time it’s not really difficult at all.



These trousers are great to wear – I’ve already worn mine to pilates (love the cuff at the bottom – it means they don’t ride up your legs when you’re doing pilates!) and Mel is wearing hers to the gym. Total win! (In fact, Mel has already made a second pair, and I have plans for more…..!)

However, we are both agreed that our favourite of these two patterns is the Pneuma tank top. Such a great design! It consists of a fitted crop top with cross-over back – nice and snug to provide a decent amount of support while exercising. (Enough support for me and my tiny bust, but Mel is wearing her one with a sports bra underneath.) Then there is an optional over-tank, made in a drapier, lighter weight fabric, which scoops low under the arms and at the back to show off the crop top underneath and is nice and loose so you’ve got plenty of air flow. Brilliant! I’m really looking forward to being able to wear my one running, as it’s exactly the type of design I never knew I really wanted – support and floaty. Love it!


Papercut Pneuma tank

Papercut Pneuma tank


Mel loves her one two, and may have already got the fabric ready for three more Pneuma tanks. They’re her new go-to gym top.  😉



So there we have it – sporty ensembles of the new Papercut Anima pants and Pneuma tank, all made during Sew Stretchy month!



Want to know more? You can read my blog post here, and Mel’s one over here.


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  1. You guys – those photos crack me up! Must have taken them the weekend before last – you would have blown off the steps last weekend, and been blue with cold!


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