A newbie introduction and a Plantain hack

Hello, everyone! My name is Becky, and I just signed up here. It just so happens that one of the projects I recently completed fits this month’s challenge theme, so I thought I’d share!

The Stitchy Details:

  • Challenge Theme: May 2014- Sew Stretchy
  • Pattern used: This was a hack on the Deer & Doe Plantain t-shirt.
  • Fabric: I had two pieces of very thin knit that I received in a sewing swap last summer, along with a cute, swingy top pattern. I still plan to make that top sometime, but thought that this particular fabric pairing would be better suited to something I could layer over other pieces. One is a stripey tissue knit, the other is a polka-dot mesh, and I’m guessing they’re both some kind of poly blend.
  • Did you make any pattern alterations or design changes? The one time I’ve made this pattern before, I used this tutorial to create a yoke, made by the lovely and talented Heather. I had very little fabric to work with of either piece, so I used this hack again to give me enough to cut the main pieces out. I also cut the front piece open at the center front instead of the fold, and used what I had left of the stripes to make a wide binding strip all down the front and around the neck, as well as some thinner binding strips around the short sleeves. (I used some of this to reinforce the shoulder seams, too, because I didn’t have any clear elastic in the house at the time. I even checked some of my RTW stuff to see if there were any clear elastic hanger loops I could steal!)
  • Total price: Free to me, since the fabric was gifted, the pattern was a free download, and I already had the serger thread on hand.

I’m really thrilled with how this turned out, especially since the collar piece was kind of a last-minute, completely winged addition. Silly me didn’t factor in seam allowances when cutting the front piece, and it was hanging really oddly in the front. But I really like the wide binding, and think I’ll actually draft a pattern piece at some point for whenever I decide to do another Plantain-style cardigan. Because I’m sure there will be more.




I also love everything about the back. Especially that meshy polka dot window to whatever color shirt I’ll end up wearing underneath. But whether that ends up happening again on a future remake of this pattern will depend on the fabric, obviously.

Since I’ve made the Plantain once before, this was a quick and easy make for me, which is just what I need in my life right now. I think this will end up getting worn a lot this summer because I get cold crazy easily, and this will be perfect to throw on over lots of things when I go from the hot and sticky outdoors to the ridiculous over-air conditioning that everyone seems to do around here. My first styling of this one was as part of my Me-Made-May outfits, and I had to swap out the pants I was planning on wearing last minute, so I discovered that this works very well with grey-toned neutrals too, instead of the tan I was originally going to wear.

If you want to read more about what I’ve been making lately, or just see pictures of cute big dogs that love to photobomb me whenever possible, you can read more about my crafty adventures at Sew and So. I’ll admit it’s been pretty heavily dominated by Me-Made-May lately, but I’m starting to get some free time into my life again after a crazy month, so hopefully I’ll have more sewing to show soon!

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