The nettie takes you everywhere!!

Hello everyone, this is my first entry on the Monthly Stitch and for the sew stretchy challenge, I chose to make the  nettie bodysuit from Closet Case Files. What I love about this pattern is how versatile it is, beyond its different versions.

Combined with this pleated skirt, based on Cotton and Curls’ great tutorial (yes mine is on the short side) it makes a nice outfit for the office, perhaps the low back cut is a bit revealing but …

Nettie Bodysuit

It’s also perfect for working out at the gym, combined with some hilarious Liza Simpson legs tights and bright blue leg warmers

Nettie Bodysuit

I bought the fabric for the nettie, in a recent trip to Lisbon, it was an off cut for EUR1.95 and despite knowing it wasn’t the right kind of stretch fabric for the nettie, I couldn’t resist the colours and the pattern. This is my first stretchy knit and although it was challenging to sew, it turned out really well. However, it does pull on the shoulders/armholes, because I suspect I need a bigger size due to the fabric not being as stretchy.

I’m very pleased with the way the leg band and the back turned out. I cut a size 4 for the top and an 8 for the bottom (that area needs more working out, haha). I will definitely sneak it into the office, probably with a cardigan or a jacket on top, and for some evening outings with a skirt or trousers. It’s a wonderful patterns and the instructions are so clear and thought out, you can’t go wrong!

Nettie Bodyusit BacK

Hopefully, I will manage to squeeze another make in this month’s challenge, and if you want some more hilarious pictures hope over to my blog.


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