V1250 – Catching up on sewing double and knits!

I have had SO much wear out of my slinky black jersey DKNY Vogue 1250. Not as a dress, but as a draped top that goes with my fave grey wool Aline skirt, easily dressed up & down with different silk scarves tights & boots. I was intrigued about how it would work in ponte, would I be able to wear it as a dress??

I cut out V1250 again, this time in a peacock blue ponte, using a size 10 bodice and 14 hip from just above the waist/side darts. It works, but there’s nowhere to hide…


So, after getting a thumbs up for the bodice enhancing fabric mass by DH, I went with my gut and added a large pouch pocket. It has transformed it from Vogue’s image of sexy office wear to a more Japanese relaxed vibe – I was trying to channel Oanh’s Lola, I admit it, and it’s now practical – look ma, pockets!!! 😉 I considered a bottom hem band (again with the Victory Patterns Lola channelling), but have left it off for now.

With some of the remaining ponte, I blatantly copied Blogless Anna’s wonderful great wool (and pink chevrons!) shrugs from the Japanese sewing book Me&May. For more details on the pattern, please drool over her version & it’s binding, and for even more inspiration, Thornberry’s made a few too 😉
The Shrug-a-lution has begun!

For more photos, the blue V1250 & shrug are here, and the black slinky V1250 is here 😉

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