July Challenge – VOTE!

With all the excitement in the lead up to Indie Pattern Month we almost forgot to get the vote up for July’s challenge!

You have until June 3rd to vote and then we will announce the winning theme for July.

What are you plans for Indie Pattern Month?

4 thoughts on “July Challenge – VOTE!

  1. Inspired by’ – I think it’s going to be something from the 50’s with a touch of BB or the 60’s in Jacky O style.


  2. I have a Pucci-esque silk that really wants to be a Flora, by By Hand London. But it’s only 47″ wide. So it may be a franken pattern dress. Has anyone put an Emery skirt on a Flora bodice? Also several cottons that would work as Emery dresses or Ultimate Shift dresses and a silk jersey I want to make into a Monetta. I can’t decide whether to do it this month for sew stretchy or save it for June!


  3. I’m planning on making a dress out of “Gertie’s book for better sewing” since I read here that it counts. Other than that, I can’t say, because I’m going out of town on the 9th and won’t be back until the 15th.


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