Sew Stretchy: Grey Skating Lady

I’ve wanted to make a knit dress for ages. I’m really drawn to knits as the weather turns cooler here in the southern hemisphere. Most of my winter wardrobe is long sleeve knit tops. I’ve been eyeing off The Lady Skater dress for a long-time, especially after it exploded all over the sewing blogasphere when it was released. I eventually bit the bullet and bought it in the first Perfect Pattern Parcel.

I changed up the construction a little. I’m not a fan of sewing on shoulder seam, attached the neckband and then sewing the other shoulder seam. I attached the clear elastic as it says in the instructions; then sewed both shoulder seams.

I sewed the neckband into a loop by sewing the short ends together right sides together; then folded and basted it along the long edge wrong sides together. Then attached the neckband to the neckline in the round.

Sewing this dress was a bit back and forth. As I wasn’t sure about the dress I mostly used my sewing machine. I sewed up the bodice and sleeves and tried it on before unpicking the side seams. Then I overlocked the sleeves to the bodice, attached the skirt and overlocked up the side seams.

I like the length of the skirt so I decided not to hem it . That and I just really wanted to wear it 🙂

Kitschy Coo The Lady Skater – 3/4 sleeve

~Changes I made this time~
• Attached the neckband in a different way.

~What I Like~
• The shape of the dress is fantastic.
• The neckline doesn’t gape!
• I think I’m in love with Ponte. I want to buy all of the Ponte. All of it!
• Twin needles are fantastic!

~What I Don’t Like~
• The top of the sleeves don’t fit so well
• There’s a bit of excess fabric in the lower back. I’m thinking I need to do the old Full Butt Adjustment because the hem is a bit higher at the back – a usual.
• The waist seam is a bit weird

~Changes for Next Time~
• Grade from a 7 to an 8 in the bodice and sleeves
• Maybe do a swayback adjustment
• Use the overlocker to sew all seam, which might fix the weird waist seam

~Final Comment~
I’m loving the Ponte fabric in this shape of dress. It will be great to wear in the cooler months with tights/stockings, a scarf and belt.  There are a few tweaks that I’ll have to make when I make another. I may even tweak the sleeve heads on this dress…maybe. But, overall I’m really digging this dress. It get’s two thumbs up from me.

Pop on over to my blog post to see a few more pics and to find out how I wrangled the flippy neckline and fussy hemming.

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