The Swinging Sixties top

I’ve been wanting to make this Burda pattern since last winter, and ran out of time/cold weather last year! The pattern is 9/2012 #106, and has some great 60’s details. It calls for a fairly specific firm knit fabric, and have been on the hunt since for something suitable. I found this beautiful black wool rib remnant which was just perfect – it’s so warm and was lovely to sew with. I used my sewing machine (as I don’t have an overlocker/serger) and it behaved very well.


I know it’s not often done, but I made a muslin for this top, mostly due to the unusual bust darts, and I’m glad I did! I ended up making 7 changes/alterations to my muslin, and 8 changes in total to my final top from the original pattern! I changed the length of the top, the width, the armscye seams, the collar depth, the centre back, the sleeve length, left out the bust darts in the end and added cuffs that can be left long or folded!



I particularly like this lovely little shoulder dart – the sleeve head has a split in it, and you sew the shoulder seam and the split closed in one seam to create this lovely detail (a bit hard to see in black I know – sorry!):


I’m quite happy with my finished garment – the fit still isn’t perfect but I still think it’s quite chic and I love the collar and shoulders! If you’d like more info on the changes I made, or opinions on my interpretation of Burda instructions 😉 check out the full post on my blog where I have pics of the muslin, plus pics of about a million other things in my wardrobe that this top goes with (I love a post-garment construction fashion parade – tell me I’m not the only one that does it!)


10 thoughts on “The Swinging Sixties top

  1. Very nice. I’ve been afraid of Burda patterns since several projects from one of their books went so bad for me. I may give them another try and make sure I make a muslin this time.


  2. Looks fab – warm and cosy and very stylish. I realise that I do have this pattern in a magazine somewhere, will have to dig it out and do some fabric shopping.


    • thankyou – yes I loved it, it’s what drew me to the pattern in the first place all those months ago!


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