Dot my stretchy

When may began it was still could. So I was thinking making a comfortable sweater or a cardigan.

There’s a lot of choose which makes it difficult to make a dissuasion. After a while I was thinking that the famous one piece twisted top from Pattern Magic was the perfect choice.

And what happened: Temperatures were rising. On my whishlist was still a t-shirt. Many sewers have already made this t-shirt. One pattern, one piece and it fits: it’s magic. Drape Drape 2 Pattern No. 4: One Piece Scoop Neck Asymmetric Top.

And I love it. Comfortable for this weather and a great fit. And here it is. A little bit brownish with offwhite dots. The neckline in the front is raised: 5 cm. I don’t like very low cut necklines.

I don’t know if it works but next time a try to make a SBA for a more fitted shirt.

My eldest daughter was trowing away 2 t-shirts. I turned them into a infinity tunnel scarf. I made different size circles on the darkest color with the lighter one. I think it makes a perfect match.

10 thoughts on “Dot my stretchy

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  5. This is fabulous! It’s also my fave T top pattern 😉 I do like your co-ordinating scarf, lovely work on your styling – Love everything about it!!! 😉


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