Autumn wrapped

Most of the time I buy fabric and patterns and they continually stare at me and mull over piecing these together. I suppose day dreaming designs is something I enjoy. You’re probably nodding your head too.


So I decided to us New Look 6149 and test it on this fabric I bought in NZ a few years ago. From that fabric chain store that closed down last year.

The mesh was a bit see-through so I lined it with a white knit fabric. Sadly this top was a bit too short for a shortie like me. I know- go figure.


So I grabbed this beige knit and made the adjustments – lengthened the top, used the 12 at the front, added elastic to the front neckline finish. It worked.


So I was finally ready to make it again from this Charlie Brown remnant piece I bought at Pitt Trading.

The ‘long and the short’ of this pattern is on my blog. So this pattern has been very handy for getting ready for the cold weather ahead.

The I decided to play with Tessuti’s Jaywalk fabric for a tee. Here are the construction notes.

Jaywalk Tessuti fabric

Before that I made up a pair of ponte pants and a wrap.

Both pieces were supplied by Minerva fabric

There are some more pieces to come…

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