Right down to the last minute (almost): My Sew Stretchy Workout Top

I had planned to not leave this until the last minute, but my first stretchy project didn’t pan out (a bamboo jersey knit version of the Scout tees I made the other week – too big and saggy!) and is currently sat in the corner thinking about what it has done, and so this was project number 2, something I have been planning to do for a while.

I have this top:

The original North Face top

..a North Face workout top. I liked the style and cut of it, curves are added in using the side panels, giving a comfy yet flattering top. So of course I wanted to make another, and thought it would be just the challenge for Sew Stretchy!

I made a pattern from the original, taking note of construction as I went along. Made a test top out of some regular technical wicking fabric from Joann, then…… treated myself to something a little more exciting from Spoonflower!

…..and I had planned to take some more proper pictures, (perhaps even outside!) but I didn’t have time, so here are some action shots in the sewing room!

Adipose workout top

I love it!

I love the way it came together, I think it looks good with the white, and the adipose are super cute.

Want to know more? Check out my full post!

16 thoughts on “Right down to the last minute (almost): My Sew Stretchy Workout Top

    • I love the print, and how the top looks, but I am not so much a fan of the fabric itself. Spoon flower have just started doing a different type of technical fabric, I wonder if that would be any better?


  1. Okay, super amazing workout top! But like five million extra bonus points for adipose! 😀 😀 😀 Looks amazing on you! 😀


    • It was quicker than anticipated once I got going. My only problem was that I first serged my pieces together the wrong way round, and unpicking those seams was a nightmare!


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