I certainly am enjoying this month!


This knit top was made with Simplicity 2892, “6 easy tops”.  I made it with scraps!  I had enough green print (polyester spandex) left over for the body of the top and enough black poly spandex left to make the yoke!

I used the polyester spandex, although the pattern was “not suitable for knits”!  (Ehem!  Not the first time I have broken sewing rules!)  Since I was using a knit, I didn’t want it to stretch out of shape in the neckline over time so I did a double row of sewing on the yoke seam and then I sewed some seam binding on it too.  That should hold it!

Like this…

and like this….

I love this simple pattern.  This is the third time I have sewn it up, the last two times it was with two wovens, so this is the first time with a knit.  Even with that switch in fabrics and all the reinforcing it was still an easy pattern to use.  N0t much to it.  Front, Back and collar pieces!  Haha… And yet I still almost messed it up!  If you would like more details, check it out on my blog!

Sorry, but I have to go now, I have another Monthly Stitch post to write this week!

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