Sew Stretchy Razzleberry Skirt

Although I’m pretty sure it is now June everywhere in the world, I’m squeezing this last one in for Sew Stretchy. This is Pattern Runway’s Gathered Skirt.

True story, I cut this out just after my son was born, as a somewhat fashionable and very forgiving outfit to wear post-baby. He’s just shy of nine months old, but hey, it’s finished now and has been in regular wardrobe rotation since completion. At the time I couldn’t face measuring myself, so I just cut the largest size, which has worked out ok, but I think a future make would need to be at least one size smaller, probably two sizes smaller in the hips.

The fabric is a hatchi knit from, as it isn’t a stretch knit, it doesn’t have as much recovery as this pattern really needs. I think it is still quite wearable, I think the stripes (and sparkles) add interest and make up for the lack of gathers. Future Erin note, make this in the recommended fabric next time. I think it could work really well as a public transport/long commute-friendly work skirt or a fun on the weekends skirt. I didn’t have enough fabric to pattern match, although it looks like I tried to and failed. Oh well life it too short to be bothered by it and only other people who sew will notice. Judge not, lest you be limited by inadequate yardage!

I used my overlocker on the side seams (which are gathered using clear elastic), I’d probably sew the elastic on first and then overlock next time, just because I seem to lack the dexterity and coordination to overlock the elastic on without getting flustered. The other seams are all just zigzagged, because this isn’t a stretch knit. I love how the skirt ends up a tube with all seams complete enclosed, but understanding the instructions for this is a bit of a mind bender. They could do with an illustration, but I found if you read them enough times and mutter to yourself a bit, it all comes together.

Although I am posting this as part of May’s Challenge, Pattern Runway is an indie pattern company and you should definitely check out their stuff, two successes from two patterns is enough of a roll for me to recommend them.

And now I’m off to sew some dresses.

If you’d like to see some more pictures, feel free to visit my blog. For those lovely people who voted on my pattern for Miss Bossy Patterns (which I did sew up in March, but only managed to photograph yesterday – oops), if you’d like to see how that turned out, here’s a link for that too.

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