Sewing Indie Dresses- Dr. Who emery Dress

Hello again all.   I’m afraid I’ve skipped out on contributing to Sew Stretchy month.   Not because I don’t like sewing with knits but mainly because I’ve run out of decent size knit lengths in the stash and only have scraps left over.   I was going to make a half slip to wear under slightly thin dresses but I figured that was far too boring so I’ve skipped straight ahead to Sewing Indie.

And what better timing could it be.   I have just persuaded by husband, Tobi, that I cannot rely on free patterns any longer and had purchased the Christine Haynes Emery dress, By Hand London Anna dress and Colette Patterns Negroni for Tobi.

I’ve been lusting after the Emery for ages and so she was the first one to be made up.   I love a good trawl of charity shops (thrift stores to those outside of the UK) and I found and amazing Dr. Who duvet cover in a new shop in my town and I just knew it needed to be turned into an Emery.   Here’s some pictures and for the full post see my blog.

11 thoughts on “Sewing Indie Dresses- Dr. Who emery Dress

  1. I was really curious when you posted on the Facebook group that you were making a Doctor Who dress–love the results! That fabric was an amazing find.


  2. I love this! Its my sort of dress. A great find on your fabric, my thrift shops never have anything this cool.


  3. Lucky you to find that duvet cover! I just finagled some Doctor Who fabric just like that out of a woman in the UK for an exorbitant price as its out of print and hard to find. Love your dress! I can’t wait to make mine!


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