Stretch 3 ways

Once again I am posting late, and once again I had everything made in time, I just didn’t have the pictures to prove it!

So, I’ve enjoyed working with knits in May, especially as the speed with which they go together means I’ve managed three makes in very limited sewing time.

I started by making a super slouchy version of the (free!) Hemlock Tee by Grainline patterns.

Slouchy Hemlock 1f

I really must get around to doing the garden

As I wanted to ensure a good amount of wearing ease I added 4cm to both the front and back pieces and 3cm to the length.

This really is a super simple make. I serged all the seams and hemmed bottom and cuffs with a twin needle and it probably took me about 3 hours in total. 1 hour of which was printing, sticking together and tracing the PDF and one hour working out why my serger was not working.

Slouchy Hemlock 2a

I think I must have been channeling Marcel Marceau

The fabric is a thin, super stretchy, super drapey jersey that I bought from ebay a couple of years back. It was left over from the breton top I made last year.


I then attempted pattern no 4 from Drape Drape 2. There are so many great versions of this top out there and mine was also successful… up to a point.

Unfortunately it is just not quite big enough for me (it goes on, but it is not flattering!). I thought it might be a bit small, but I did not fancy working out how to grade this (it is a single pattern piece)

I added a hem band for extra length. I hope it will fit me one day...

I added a wide hem band for extra length, as even if it were not too tight it would still be too short

This was another really quick and easy make, and now that I have seen how it all goes together I don’t think that grading would be at all difficult. For some reason, though, looking at the flat pattern piece beforehand I just could not quite see how it was all going to work.

The fabric I used here was a beautiful silver cotton jersey from Fabric Godmother (such a shame I have made it into an unwearable garment – this stuff is gorgeous to work with and silky to the touch)

Finally I attempted to recreate a dress I had when I was about 21yo (next I will try to recreate the body I had when I was 21yo…!)

I used the Lady Skater bodice pattern as a starting point, but really only for the sleeves and armholes. I wanted a much looser fit, so I added width to the centre of the bodice, scooped out the neckline and chopped the length. After some trial and error I ended up with a dress I love and will wear often.

please ignore the not-yet-pressed hem

please ignore the not-yet-pressed hem


The neckline on the original was probably about this deep - but with a button back

The neckline on the original was probably about this deep – but with a button back

I used clear elastic at the shoulder and waist seams. At the shoulders it is purely for stabilising, but at the waist I used it to gather the fabric, too.

The fabric (I think) cost 99p per metre from a shop in Bradford (I could lead you to it, but I couldn’t tell you where it is… and not in any sinister way; I wouldn’t have to put a bag over your head when I led you there or anything, I just know where it is, but don’t know its name or the name of the road it is on)

mind out for the glare off my ankles

mind out for the glare off my ankles

So the dress is not perfect; all the chopping and not much measuring has left some of my seams a bit wonky, and I went a bit off grain with the skirt, but overall I really like it and am going to make another in a solid colour.


Slightly stretched out neckband shot

Final construction notes for those who are interested. I cut the neckband 10% shorter than the neckline, but with a fabric this floppy I think I should have cut it about 12.5% shorter instead. I used a twin needle on all hems and to finish the neckline.

Anyhow, I’m really glad that Sew Stretchy month has pushed me into sewing with knits. I’ve had all of my last three makes on my list since, like, forever and am now a total knit convert!

If you want to read any more about any of the above, or see a picture of a 23 year old me in the dress which inspired this one, I have posted about these makes here, here and here

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  1. Wow, you’ve had a busy knit sewing month! Congrats on braving (and conquering!) knits! 🙂

    Shame that middle top was too small, such an interesting design.

    I really like the other two on you, though. 🙂


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