Indie Sewing Pattern Month Contest: Dresses – Lekala 4043

Hello all!

For this first Indie Pattern challenge (and my first Monthly Stich post!) I whipped up this Lekala Pattern. While the technical aspect of the directions gave me a little bit of trouble, it really is just taking the time to say to myself that as long as I have the general idea, I can totally construct a garment. 


So, after my leap of faith, here’s what we’ve got! 

Love this bodice area, so different than anything I’ve made.

Here’s a contrast detail of the front with the pleating, different, but fitting to the overall style and design.

My first kick pleat! I have no idea why I haven’t made a dress or skirt with this in it, it’s super flirty and I quite like it.

If you wish to know anything else, I’ve expanded upon this just slightly on my blog: WhippedLife



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    • Thanks! I was happy I got something fitted, lots of patterns look like tents on me. At how short I am I need all the definition I can get! 🙂


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