Purple Lady Skater

Hi there !

For the Dresses Comp I made the Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo.

I used a soft purple cotton knit that my sis lent me (thanks again sis!). I didn’t use any notions.

The entire dress was made up on the overlocker/serger apart from the top-stitching hemming.

I top-stitched the sleeves and neckline using my stitch-in-the-ditch foot and I used my shiny new stretch twin needle to do the hem.

I took the waist up by about an inch and bought it at about half an inch on each side so now it fits so snugly.

If I made it again I would probably make it longer (shock horror I’m sure! Short things are what I usually wear). Not too much longer though, just a few inches. However, this is the length of the pattern so if you are going to make this, think about the length!! I think I’m about 5’7″ so that could be an indication for you 🙂

I can even pretend to skate in this thing, that’s INTENSE !

If you want to see a rant and a heap more pics feel free to peruse my blog 😀

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