Indie Pattern Month – Andie L in GoldMoneta

Some things just come together so well for a make that it seems like fate. It might be for this dress.

My journey with this dress started with my first trip to a thrift store for fabric. I had never shopped in a thrift store before, but wanted to try it. I’ve heard great things about shopping there and am a definite convert now. I picked up exactly what I was hoping for: several yards of black fabric and a stretchy material for another Moneta. This gold-printed spandex:


I can’t even describe how much I love it. It’s gold snakeskin overlay on a blue and pink mottled spandex and it’s gorgeous. Not my usual style, but I am glad to have come across it, because it fits in my wardrobe really nicely.

There was only about two yards, but the fabric width was 60″ wide so I knew I could get a dress out of it. I actually have a half a yard left because I shortened the dress and went with the sleeveless version.


I feel pretty awesome in this dress!

  • Pattern: Colette Patterns’ Moneta.
  • Fabric/Notions: Gold-printed spandex, clear plastic elastic.
  • How you found the pattern and the instructions: The pattern is very easy to follow. Although, I did have trouble understand the sleeve finishing with this version. However, I found a very simple tutorial on the Coletterie on how to finish the armhole and the link is very nicely listed in the pdf of the pattern. There is also a tutorial on making the sleeveless collarless version on the Coletterie. If you don’t find the answer you need or need further explanation with Colette patterns, you often find the answer in the Coletterie or from the number of blogs that post on Colette patterns.
  • Any pattern alterations or design changes you made, if you made any. Or, is there anything you’d change if you made it again?: I made the sleeveless version without a collar as my alteration. I also shortened the skirt by about 4-6 inches, because I found my previous version was far too long for my taste. I do think the armholes were too large for me. I think next time I will do an alteration on that. I also found they were too large on my sleeved version. I cut a 2XL again. Although, I had said I would cut a smaller size last time, but the fabric I used was not as stretchy so it wouldn’t have worked to have a smaller size.

I have to say I feel pretty good about this dress. It’s still secret pajamas, but I can wear it to the club. Which club? I dunno….kitty cat club? Is there a place where you can dance with a bunch of cats yet? I know they have cat cafes now, but there should be kitty cat club. Nothing like going gangnam style with Mittens the kitten.


The artist’s representation of a dance club with a cat. (That’s a disco ball…)

Here are some pictures of me posing like a model:

20140606_195037_19_resized3 20140606_195047_20_resized3

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7 thoughts on “Indie Pattern Month – Andie L in GoldMoneta

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  2. Ah! Gangnam style with cats! Awesome idea!

    Also, great dress. 🙂 It’s funny, I never would have thought of using fabric like that for anything, but it looks absolutely amazing as a dress! Awesome thrift store find. 😉


    • Thanks, Kat. It’s funny how thrift store shopping changes how you think. I never would have picked it up in a regular fabric store, but I loved it so much in the smaller thrift store selection. 🙂


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