IPM Dresses sponsor…Salme Sewing Patterns!

The last of our wonderful Dresses sewing contest sponsors is Salme Sewing Patterns. We have a $10 voucher which is plenty to buy one of their fabulous PDF patterns with a bit left over towards a second. It will be hard to pick from their great range!

Want to see some of the patterns Salme has to offer? Come with me on a quick cruise through their website and I’ll show you some of my favourites!


Let’s start with the dresses:

They are all so sweet looking, it was hard to choose a favourite. I think the sundress looks so comfy and I can see myself strolling along the beach, sandals in one hand, ice cream in the other 😉


The bib top and minna blouse are my favourite in this section, classic and great for wearing to work over a skirt or pair of pants.

Skirts and shorts:

Speaking of skirts… 😉 and I am quite taken by the playsuit.

Jackets and children:

The only jacket in the line up at the moment is this cropped blazer but it’s pretty amazing…and they even have some children’s patterns including a matching playsuit with kimono sleeves 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the Salme Sewing Patterns blog for sew alongs and tutorials.

We are really excited to have Salme supporting us this year, which patterns are your favourites?


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