Jersey Brigette – Indie Pattern Dresses

Hi! I’m Bea, and this is the first blog challenge I have done! I used a pdf pattern that came free with a magazine because it looked awesome! It was a Simple Sew #0001 . It was a simple five piece design, with bust darts and darts in the back, so I decided to give myself the added challenge of sewing with jersey.
First challenge, first stretchy piece, first pdf, first indie pattern. All in all, a lot of firsts!

The notions only included a 14″ zip, however, once I had made the dress up, I decided that the zip was actually kinda irrelevant, the dress could easily be pull on. So I cut out the zip and re-sewn the seam.
The Second change I made was to use contrast facing to make a band around the neck – rather than understitching the facing, I just folded a cm and re-sewn along the neckline. It was all a little bit to plain for my liking!

The back

the neckline

My biggest problem was because I used jersey. Actually, I was hoping for some advice! How do you stop the fabric from going all wavy when sewing the hem? Both the sleeves and the hem are all bobbled. I think if I had been using satin or something, it would’ve looked just fine, but it looks rather silly in jersey. Any advice?

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  1. Did you use a twin needle to sew the seams? It might work better as the zigzag stitch on the underside pulls the fabric tighter and helps avoid those bobbles


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