Let the New To Me contest begin!

Alright folks, get ready, because as of right this moment, the New To Me contest for Indie Pattern Month has begun! Yippie!!!




Here’s a reminder of all you need to know for it. You can also see all the details here in the contest details post.

We’ve got some great sponsors for the New To Me contest – Gather, Lekala, Ohhh Lulu, pauline alice, Teach Me Fashion, and Diane Ericson. Each have donated prizes for you all to be in to win!



What are those prizes, I hear you ask?

There are four prize packs to be won by four people who sew garments from indie pattern labels that they’ve never used before (i.e. that are ‘new to them’) and blog about them on The Monthly Stitch this week. Here’s what they are:










Pretty awesome, right?!? (I just wish I was allowed to enter…. But since I’m one of the judges, I can’t. Four of you will just have to win them instead, sew them up and tell us what they’re like! 😉 )

Want to be in to win one of those prize packs?

Choose an indie designer (or two, or three) that you’ve never sewn with before, make up a garment using one of their patterns, and show it off to the world by writing a post about it on The Monthly Stitch between now and 14 June 2014 (24:00 UTC). Categorise it as ‘Indie Pattern Month 2014’ and ‘New To Me Indie Company (June 8th-14th)’ so that we know it’s an entry for the contest.

We’ll do a round-up post of all the entries on 15 June so everyone can start voting on their favourite. The winners will be chosen half based on community vote, and half based on scoring from the judges (the Monthly Stitch editors and our guest judge – Penny from Dresses & Me). Then on 21 June we’ll announce the four winners here on The Monthly Stitch, and email them as well.

What will the judges be looking for when scoring the entrants?

We’ll be looking at things like the content of your post – does it tell your readers much about what you’ve made, about the pattern, about any changes you made? Since this was your first experience using the indie label you chose, what did you think of it? Give us a review of the label as well – how was the packaging? The instructions? The pattern itself? Photography – can we clearly see what you’ve made, and any interesting details? Creativity – what did you do to make this ‘your’ garment? Basically, all the things that make a good blog post. 😉

Of course, like all good contests, there are a few rules

They’re listed at the bottom of the contest details post, so please have a read through them. The key ones to pay attention to are that you must have made your garment between the start of May 2014 and now and not blogged about it yet, and that it must be from an indie pattern label that you haven’t used before. (What counts as an indie pattern? To keep things easy, everything listed in this great round-up by one of our Indie Pattern Month sponsors, Sew Independent.)

Want to take part but not sure what to make?

We’ll be putting daily indie pattern label inspiration posts up on the Monthly Stitch Facebook group each day. We’ll also be putting up a post later showing what the Monthly Stitch editors (Kat, Mel and Juliet) have made for this week. (Because hey, even if we can’t enter the contest, there’s no reason we can’t sew along with all of you, right?! 😉 )

Want to take part but not a Monthly Stitch contributor?

Not a problem! Just fill out the simple form right at the bottom of this post and we’ll get you all set up to write a post about your garment here on The Monthly Stitch. (Do please remember though, we need to sleep sometimes, so if you are thinking about entering don’t wait until half an hour before the contest closes to sign up. Sign up now, go on, do it!! 😉 )