Winter Warm Merino Dress

I’ve been a bit time starved because of a wee thing called ‘work’, but sewing knits is like a bit of an instant gratification compared to sewing wovens, so I jumped on-board the May  Sew Stretchy month.

The idea of a nice warm knit dress for winter has been brewing away in the back of my mind for a little while – but not anything as simple as finding a pattern and getting to work.  No, no, no!  This was a long-sleeve t-shirt dress which was a combination of the Mission Maxi by Jamie Christine, a Renfrew for the scoop neck (so I didn’t have to calculate the neck band) and contrasting of the Ensis Tee.  Now put that on boil and stir occasionally.

Mission Maxi Hack

The dress is beautifully warm with the body made from a snuggly soft thin striped merino from The Fabric Store, the top bodice and sleeve from a ponte jersey knit.  It’s loose fitting and very forgiving, but with a bit of shape so it doesn’t hang like a sack.

Mission Maxi Hack
Mission Maxi Hack

This is a very easy dress to wear and it is great for wearing to work when I’ve got a day of desk bound things to do (and I feel like eating good warm hearty winter food!)

More details about pattern changes over on my blog post if you are interested in more 🙂

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