new to me: Sewaholic Cordova jacket

I have dithered over making this jacket since I received the pattern last Christmas: I wasn’t really sure I was into the pleated sleeves and the peplum shaping – or the zippered fastening for that matter.  I had my mind and heart pretty much set on this pattern.  But then the Indie Pattern challenge New To Me was announced.  And so I got out the Sewaholic pattern again, had my first real proper look at the instructions and thought it might be do-able (especially since I already had some fabric and lining, both lengths found in the remnant bins at The Fabric Store, waiting in the wings).   Not having used a Sewaholic pattern before it felt like a bit of a backward step to be using a thin, very thin tissue paper pattern (after PDF patterns and tracing paper.  I see that Tasia is now offering a PDF print-at-home option for some of her patterns – way to go!).

I’d done a bit of googling on the Cordova pattern and had read there was some issue with one of the pattern pieces not being long enough: I can confirm this (please see my blog here and here for more details)!  I cut a straight size 6 making no adjustments (but see below).  Attaching the peplums, pleating the sleeve heads, inserting the sleeves, inserting the zipper (a bit of a worry this; I hadn’t used an open-ended zipper before) and attaching the lining all happened without too many hitches BUT I was longing for just a little bit more hand-holding.  IMveryHO, the instructions are on the skimpy side and because of that I don’t think this is a pattern for beginners.  But hey! I made a jacket.

Things I like: I like the just-about-hip length of the jacket, I like the zipper fastening and I’m really pleased with my lining – ta-da!

Things I’m on the fence about: those pleated sleeve heads (I’m not sure they’re really me plus I’m kicking myself that I didn’t shorten the length of the shoulder seams to make the pleats stand up a bit more) and those peplums.

Now that it’s winter here I’m hoping I’m going to wear this jacket lots many times; time will tell.  Would I make this pattern again?  Probably not.  Would I recommend it? – a hesitant yes; see my point above re. lack of detailed instructions.  Would I use Sewaholic patterns again?  Definitely but the PDF-available patterns only.  Unless Father Christmas is kind enough again…






16 thoughts on “new to me: Sewaholic Cordova jacket

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  3. You have done such a beautiful job on this jacket even if it isn’t your normal style. You have totally convinced me to buy the pattern (I love puffy sleeve heads!). I think I would add a hood though 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind comments. I think a hood would be a great idea! I’m hoping to get lots of wear out of this jacket and will just have to get over those sleeves! There are lots of lovely Cordova jackets on Pinterest and so on – do give the pattern a go!


  4. Hi Sharyn, the outer fabric is a wool/poly blend, probably more poly/synthetic than wool. It didn’t fray too much which was great but it didn’t take to being ironed (difficult to press the pleats and hems etc). It also picks up fluff and (white) cat hairs like no-one’s business! Thanks for your comments.


  5. I really like this version. It looks great on you. I have also had this on my radar, so thanks for the tips. What fabric did you use for outside?


  6. I really like your jacket, it is versatile due to the fabric choice. The peplum is quite discrete, but I can imagine that since you’re not really sure about the sleeves, they will bug you a bit. I hope you get past that.

    (And I wish more patterns would come on real paper in the envelope. But that’s just a dream, I suppose)


  7. I really like this jacket – seeing yours has got me thinking about making one, myself! I think the peplum’s look quite discreet on your version and you have made a great choice with your fabric and zip. It looks classic and will go with lots of items I imagine.


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