New to me – times three

Here is my entry into this weeks competition!  It’s the Kitschy Coo ‘Lady Skater’ I’ve not made a Kitschy Coo pattern before but have long been sitting on the fence watching everyone else’s Lady Skaters turn up to the party.  I was a bit undecided because although I liked the look of the pattern it wasn’t in a silhouette I’d worn before – Yay! the New To Me competition for extending my horizons! So my three new to me’s from the title are: Lady Skater (LOVE IT) It’s the first time I’ve sewn with Merino (LOVE IT) and also the first time I have used a coverstitch machine (LOVE IT).

Lady Skater Picframe

I chose a medium weight merino because I thought it would be nice to have something warm to wear this winter that wasn’t jeans’n’jersey.

I graded the pattern from a size 2 up top to a size 3 waist/skirt.  I’ve never straddled sizes on a pattern before and even though my high bust measurements came in easily at the size 2, I’m wondering if a straight size 3 may have fitted better?  I feel that my shoulder/sleeve seams sit a little bit too close in.

Lady Skater Picframe

I didn’t make any changes to the length of the pattern, even though it’s drafted for someone 3 inches taller than me.  The waist hits me perfectly and I’m happy with the longer skirt length.

The pattern came together really easily.  I followed the extended step by step instructions rather than the shorter crib sheet.  Not because it is a hard make but just because I like reading instructions.

I really like the end result and have already got merino ordered to make some more!  I quite like wearing it with a cropped cardi as per the photos but I’m struggling with any other outfit parings – any ideas most welcome 🙂

Lady Skater Picframe

7 thoughts on “New to me – times three

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  2. Looks like it’s going to be great for the winter and I like the way you’ve styled it. (From what I can see your shoulder/sleeve seams look fine). Love merino!!


    • Yes I recently asked/demanded that everybody chipped in for a cover stitch as my birthday present. A bit rude but it got me what I wanted. Haha


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