Kitschy Kitschy Ya Ya Dada…

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I hope this post finds everyone in good health.  I’m just coming off a week  long staycation and I feel so rejuvenated and relaxed.  There is nothing like r&r; add that to a super abundance of sewing time and you have one happy girl. Ahhhhh!

Welp, the knit saga continues as I finish up my latest dress for summer.  I purchased the Perfect Pattern Parcel Package #1 months ago, and one of the five patterns included was the infamous Lady Skater Dress from Kitschy Coo.  If you haven’t heard about #PPP, you should definitely check out their website. You would be supporting a worthy cause besides the tangible exchange. WIN, WIN.

The pattern is sized 1-8. Originally, I cut a straight size 5 for my muslin. I thought it was a little big. The bodice hit me at a weird spot, and the skirt was too long (because I lengthened it 6 inches).  I’ll work on the muslin this week to adjust it. The polka dotted fabric gave me a bit of a headache, it just seemed to overwhelm me. I’ll show pictures at another time for the re-do.

I plunged ahead with my final fabric and fidgeted with the pattern.  I was fearful that if I went down a full size to a 4 it would be too snug, so I cut a 4 1/2.  I sewed this up using my sewing machine and serger. I used a zig zag stitch (length 2.5 – 3) and decreased the tension a bit.  I serged all seams except my hem (which now that I’m thinking about, I probably should have done that, duh),  I shortened the waist length by 2 inches; lengthened the skirt by 4 inches;  added elastic to shoulder seams,  used my twin needle for hemming.  Have I mentioned that the twin needle is the BOMB?  Seriously, I’m looking for projects just so I can utilize it. LOL

I haven’t worked with patterns from Kitschy Coo, yet but the pattern instruction are awesome!  The instructions are in-depth both visually and in written form.  The pattern calls for the neckline,  elastic and sleeves to be sewn in flat.  I’m a fan.  I did have minor difficulty with the neckband, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t struggle a little with something.

lady skater 1


My go to "look away" pose

My go to “look away” pose

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Until next time. Plus you can see more here

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