Plaid Cami

Week two of Indie Pattern Month and I’m there with another dress. I love dresses!

This is Pauline Alice Cami dress. I’ve not made one of Pauline Alice’s patterns before, but I certainly recommend this one.

The fabric has been hanging around in my stash for a while and it was destined to be a shirt dress from the beginning. Even so, I was ages finding the perfect shirt dress pattern, until I saw this on Dolly Clackett‘s blog. I still procrastinated for what felt like ages, my muslin of the bodice was wrong, all wrong and in the end I decided I had to do my first ever FBA! In addition to that, the fabric choice meant I had a lot of fabric matching. The pattern became quite an obsession in the end! I was so obsessed that each piece was the right way up and that it matched where it possibly could. I even recut one of the cuffs because it didn’t match. Just check out this front placket!

The dress has a side seam zip and did I say it had pockets? Oh yes, it has pockets! I only put one in, as I decided I could cope matching the pattern with an inseam pocket and the bottom of the side seam zip!

The hem is hand stitched. I think it must be some kind of obsession or something which means something isn’t finished without hand stitching the hem. Yep, I know there are two widths of 1.5m wide fabric, but that’s no excuse for letting standards drop…

The details…

Fabric:  Blue, black and pink plaid cotton from Fabric Warehouse Jan 2013. There was 4m of this which I got for $30. Bargain! I think I’ve got about 1.5m left.
Notions:   Thread, interfacing for the collar, cuffs and placket, buttons from Spotlight and pink grosgrain ribbon for the hem from Made on Marion.

Pattern:  Pauline Alice Cami dress, this is version B with the longer sleeves and cuffs.
First worn:  For photos at Truby King gardens, Wellington. Worn with a bought black belt, black tights and my bright blue snakeskin pumps. I also wore a petticoat to help the skirt stand out.

Changes made:  I did an FBA which meant I ended up with bust darts. The front waist darts will also have been shifted to fit my shape better. The skirt pieces I didn’t use the pattern pieces for, I just cut two widths. No other changes made.
Recommend?  Definitely. Even doing the FBA was not a problem and only because I’ve perhaps a bit more than the pattern asks for around the bust! The drafting is great. The sleeves are not too tight, which can sometimes be an issue, but the fit of these is great. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow, with pictures for most steps. What I really like about the instructions is that for the version you want to make, Pauline has said exactly which pieces need printing to save printing the whole pattern. Each pattern piece states which pages are required to piece it together, eg the long sleeves are on pages 4, 5, 8, 9. Such a simple easy thing which is a great touch as far as I’m concerned as it certainly saves on the printing costs.

For more about this fab dress and pattern, check out my blog.


8 thoughts on “Plaid Cami

  1. This is so pretty! Nice job matching the plaid, and doing that great hand-stitching on the hem. Does this dress have a side zip? I’ve been eyeing this pattern for awhile, love a good shirt dress.


    • Thanks, the pattern matching was a tough job, but am really pleased how it turned out. The dress does have a side zip. I think I’ve put a photo on my blog. It was so easy to put in.


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