Go Brazil!

Hello everyone!

I am here in Brazil, in São Paulo, our biggest city, and today it´s the first day of the World Cup (Football/Soccer…). There is a nice athmosphere around town, with people from all over the world, and in a few hours the first game will start, Brazil x Croacia, and of course WE ARE GOING TO WIN!!! I don´t really care about soccer the rest of the year, but I go completely nuts during the World Cup, like all the other millions of Brazilians.

Anyway, this posting is not about the World Cup, it´s about the weekly challenge, New To Me Indie Company. This is the already famous Nettie dress & Bodysuit pattern, from Closet Case Files, I made the dress version, you can get the pattern here:


The pattern is really nice, the instructions are great, and there are lots of amazing versions out there. When I was a teenager (a skinny one, ha!) I was wearing bodysuits all the time, I really liked them. Now, many years later, bodysuits are back, so I decided to give this pattern a chance. I chose size 16, because my fabric doesn´t have a lot of stretch.

I used the same fabric from my Audrey Dress, a light and warm sweatshirt. It´s red with tiny white polka dots, it´s not very clear in the pictures.

Regarding fit, this dress was not a success for me. The sleeves had this huge amount of ease on the shoulders,very weird, I never had that problem with any of the knit patterns I made before, they made me look like a football player with those huge shoulder pads, not a good look at all! I removed some of the ease before I serged the sleeves, but they are not perfect. Also, I believe my back is too wide for the pattern, I keep pulling the shoulders up, they feel too small on my frame. I will make the bodice version, but I will use the Lady Skater bodice as a base for the bodice and sleeves, because I know the fit is perfect.

The back is really nice, I made the scoop version for the front and back.

One thing that I really liked on this pattern is the skirt portion of the dress, it´s a separate piece that you overlap together with the bodice piece to make the dress. I think separately, this is the ultimate pattern for a pencil knit skirt, I already made a black version of it, and I am planning on several more versions, it´s a great skirt pattern!

All the best from crazy Brazil at this moment,




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    • Thanks, Lisa, I think it’s too tight for my own taste, I don’t like tight clothes like the other Brazilians, I am still waiting for an opportunity to wear this dress…


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