The Indie Fan Girl, Level: Ultimate sewing contest – clarifying the rules

Hi everyone!

We’ve had a few questions about the Indie Fan Girl, Level: Ultimate sewing contest, so thought we’d do a post to make sure you all know what it’s about well ahead of when the contest starts. 🙂

For the Indie Fan Girl contest, the aim is to make an entire outfit (at least two garments) using patterns from one indie label. Which label you choose is entirely up to you – maybe you’ve got a favourite indie label you want to show some love to? Or a new one you’re wanting to experiment with? Whichever indie designer/label you choose, pick at least two of their patterns and make yourself an outfit using them!




Stuck for ideas? How about some of these combinations to get your imagination started:


From Salme – the Sleeveless Yoke Top, paired with the Peplum Skirt and topped with the Cropped Blazer.


How about this Pauline Alice combo – the Cami Dress with the Ninot Jacket over the top?


Or you could go for Papercut, and match the Ensis Tee with the Peter and the Wolf Pants and the Rigel Bomber.


Whichever label you choose, have fun mix-and-matching their patterns to come up with an outfit that you love!

If you’ve already made a garment and entered it in one of the Indie Pattern Month contests, you can use it again here, as long as you make at least one other garment from the same label to go with it and turn it into an outfit.

You can read all the rules for the Indie Fan Girl contest over here.

And if you have any questions, just let us know! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Indie Fan Girl, Level: Ultimate sewing contest – clarifying the rules

  1. So to clarify the rules post states: “For this contest, an ‘outfit’ is one consisting of two or more garments from the same indie label.” If making a jacket and skirt from one designer i would not expect to also make a top underneath as the two garments fit the rules. Please confirm.


    • Hi, yep, that’s right. As long as you have at least two garments made from the same designer in your outfit, and they are the focus of the post and the photography, you can wear other things (including other designers, RTW, previously made garment, etc) if you want/need to. 🙂


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