Woodercutter’s Miette

Thanks again TMS for making me sew something I otherwise wouldn’t!

It took me ages to work out what to sew for the second challenge and I was really close to not entering at all – I’ve sewn with most pattern companies that I want to, and because of a current no-buy I couldn’t get my hands on any of the few that I haven’t (In House Patterns and Seamster Patterns). Luckily a friend let me borrow her Miette pattern, and I had this brown linen in my stash which I picked up from a designers remnant sale a few weeks ago.

The pattern itself is pretty straightforward and easy to stitch. I did made a couple of changes, including lengthening it by 10cm, cutting the pocket on the fold to make the most of this random scrap of fabric I had, and changing the order of stitching for the waistband. I also interfaced the back opening before stitching it down, because a lot of people mentioned it rippled easily (because it’s cut ont he bias). I also made a stupid mistake and stitched the hole that the waistband is supposed to pass through on the wrong seam, so it’s a bit useless.

I surprisingly really like the skirt, despite still not being 100% sure about the style on me, and brown not being a colour I ever wear (I had to try on 5 different tops until I found one that even came close to looking okay with it). I would recommend Tilly’s patterns, particularly to beginners (her target market, really) although I’m not sure if I’ll make more because it’s not completely my aesthetic.

The top is merch from a Bouncing Souls gig I went to several years ago, and that’s the bands signatures on the back.

So – thanks to TMS for making me sew fabric I wouldn’t usually, into a pattern I wouldn’t have otherwise tried!

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