New to Me: Tania Culottes

IMG_8249 I did it! I submitted my entry for the New to me -challenge! We have had an extreme heat wave and my sewing room is in the loft of the house, so extreme temperatures there, so I was not sure I would have anything completed for this challenge. But then I started to make Megan Nielsen’s Tania culottes and they were finished so quickly I hardly noticed I had begun.


This is the first time I made a Megan Nielsen pattern and it was a good experience. I have to admit I so hate to assemble to PDF pattern. I will happily trace anything from a train track Burda pattern rather than the glueing and cutting job with PDFs, but hey, a challenge is a challenge! From the cutting table forwards this was a very simple construction indeed. The instructions explained everything clearly, but I suppose there was only really one way these could have come together, so I only glanced at the instructions every once in a while.

I don’t know that I can add anymore to the collected Tania wisdom,  but just for the record:

  • these are genius! They are really easy to sew and on a hot day they are heaven to wear.
  • yes, they do come very short. I cut a size M here but with the xl length and added another 5cm to the length and they still are really quite short.
  • On my the waistband comes up very snug (yes, I did measure myself correctly, in case you wonder). So next time I will make the L size.
  • I did not leave them to hang out over night, I hemmed them straight away and the hem is a little wonky as a result. But I was literally sewing them in my underpants waiting to be able to put them on. I’m sure you’ll agree that slightly wonky hems are better than me going outdoors in my underpants.

IMG_8249Look, the culottes have a nautical theme on them. There are boats going in and coming out of my crotch. Not sure what this means on a metaphorical level… Not sure I want to know 😉


IMG_8253And there are cheeky little sailors doing all sorts with their semaphore flags. I have no idea what they are saying, I just hope it’s all in good taste.

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