A wander down sparkle Lane

I wasn’t intending to enter the “new to me” contest for indie pattern month but here I am anyway. As part of avoiding hemming a giant circle chiffon skirt, I decided to tackle this sequinned jumper I’ve had in mind for a while.
Initial inspiration came from this Jigsaw sequinned top (there’s a Marc Jacobs one in aqua floating round the net too), which I tried on then remembered the ridiculously expensive metre of sequinned fabric I’d bought at Tessuti’s more than six months ago. I went searching for a raglan sleeve top pattern and the Hey June! Lane top seemed perfect.
I took a snippet of the sequins to New York in April to compare with fifty shades of grey knits to find the perfect match (yes, this has been a long, long planned top but I only sewed it up on Friday). This 100 per cent wool, super soft and light knit came from NY Elegant Fabrics where I somehow miraculously remembered the pattern needed 1.5 yards. You would be pretty hard pressed to eke this out of much less – I think I’ve got about 15cm left over.
Sewing this up was incredibly easy. From taping the pattern together to putting it on took me about 2.5 hours. I underlined the sequins at the front with the wool, sewing round all sides of the two pieces with a long stitch before starting construction proper. I’ve cut a straight medium size here, based on waist measurements as advised, and it fits well (once again, huzzah for forgiving knits!). The only change I made to the pattern was to take 20cm off the sleeve length as I much prefer 3/4 sleeves. Anything longer and I just spend the entire time pushing them up my arms.
The instructions were easy to follow and I liked the way it recommended attaching the neckband on the flat, before sewing the final shoulder seam together. However, next time I sew up this pattern (and I think there will be a next time, though perhaps a less-sparkly one) I would widen the neckband. I’m not sure if it’s my sewing, the flimsy fabric or the design, but the narrow band keeps flipping upside down.
I wasn’t sure how the overlocker would cope with the sequins (really, who can be bothered spending all that time unpicking them from the seam allowances?) so I sewed it all on the ordinary machine with a tight-ish zigzag. I’ve covered the side seams with a satin ribbon that was knocking round so they’re not so scratchy but the rest of them don’t bother me too much. I’m also intending to topstitch just above the wait and sleeve hem bands to keep the seam allowance in place better, but I got too excited for the sparkly and couldn’t wait to wear this.
Oh ok, one more photo with the puppy…


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  1. I love this! The sequins are really nice, often you see quite tacky looking ones at fabric shops.. I think it was well worth it of you to splash out!


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