Anyone for Golf?

Phew, talk about cutting it fine! I’m glad there’s a time difference as it’s already past midnight in the uk.
Here’s my post for this weeks New To Me……20140615-003128-1888196

I feel a bit silly introducing you to my 1st ever Sewaholic pattern. Am I the only person in the blogasphere who doesn’t own one??? Please tell me I’m not alone…..

I was really struggling what to make for this challenge. This week has been so so busy…. I’ve watched 2 games of cricket, played 3 rounds of golf, worked one 12 hour night shift and watched my hubby in the Knarsborough’s 49th annual bed race. So when I discovered Sewaholic now had PDF patterns to buy I thought I’d give them a whirl.


This is totally irrelevant until you see the setting for my photo shoot,,,,no lush back drop for me….he’ll no, my Renfrew is making it’s debut in a garage workshop….! (This is where the A team bed started it’s journey at the crack of dawn today).

Check out the pattern matching! This was no easy task.

If I’m going to make a nice easy Renfrew why not throw a spanner in the works and have some tricky pattern matching to content with!


I drew some of the fabric’s pattern onto the paper so when I flipped it I could align it so the pieces were symmetrical. I did the for the front and back pieces and it works really well.


I really love this top and think I’ll wear it loads…..except on the golf course, which seems really daft as it’s plaid and looks rather golfy…. Doh! Over in the UK us lady golfers have to have collars on our shirts. Well, that’s a challenge in itself. Watch this space, I’m sure I will find a post with a collared Renfrew, any suggestions??

What I love…..
The easy peasy instructions

What I don’t love….
Nothing really, except I needed to go down 3 sizes in the hips.

Will I make it again
Hell yes….!

Apologies for no link to my blog yet, I’ve had to do all this on my iPhone so was a bit tricky and struggling. Will sort it out tomorrow if that’s ok 😃

4 thoughts on “Anyone for Golf?

    • They’re great, I’ve been reading your blog and I’m sure you’d like them as they’re designed for pear shaped ladies.
      I like skorts for golf as I find them more flattering, or less unflattering! I’ve not been brave enough to make them, instead I make a skirt and wear fitted gym shorts underneath. Works for me!
      My favourite is Maria Denmark’s Yasmin Yoke Skirt. I’ve made 3 and are probably the most me worn garments on and off the course. He instructions are really good with lots of photos. 😀⛳️😀


  1. I love it. Well done getting such a great match with that tricky plaid. I actually don’t own a Sewaholic pattern yet but the Renfrew is on my wish list


    • Thanks!
      It’s good to know it’s not just me! Its on sale to download at the minute.
      I can see why it’s so popular, being do easy to put together and lots of scope for putting your own twist on it. 😃


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