Casual Stroll or a race to make it to the deadline of the challenge :)

Woo, hoo, I have made it, I guess, even if  I’m panting for breath, hehe. So maybe neither last nor least, here’s my submission for this week’s challenge, the new to me Red Velvet Dress from Cake Patterns.

Red Velvet Dress Cake Patterns

Oh, ok, I will come and get you...

Oh, ok, I will come and get you…

I’ve never sewn anything from Cake Patterns before, but I have their Gabarita top in my to sew list as well. The fabric is again from that fabric shop in Lisbon, I don’t know it’s length, but when I bought it, I figured out it would be long enough for a nice project, like this one. I love how the pattern and the colours match that of the building in our neighbourhood. I definitely fit in here, haha.

For the front I cut the bodice a bit too big for my size, hence the pleats look a bit funny, but then again, I quite liked the less fitted bodice, so I kept it and just made the pleats a bit bigger/longer.

Red Velvet Dress Cake Patterns

For the back bodice, I actually used the style of the  Gabarita top, because the whole fun in sewing is altering the pattern no? I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.

Cake Patterns Red Velvet Dress

The only thing that I found a bit frustrating was fitting the front and back midriff. I unpicked it twice, and you know how hard it is to break those serger seams. It ended up ok in the end, but sort of made me lose the will to sew.

Cake Patterns Red Velvet Dress

I really enjoyed making this dress, the instructions are very clear and there is a lot of potential for fabric combinations. I loved the pleats at the front and the back and I’d love to make it again. I can see it both in my winter and summer wardrobe. Oh and I got a compliment on it, while standing outside the flat from one of the neighbours! And if you want to check out your neighbour you can always pay a visit to my web habitance.

13 thoughts on “Casual Stroll or a race to make it to the deadline of the challenge :)

  1. I love this red velvet dress – I also really like the contrast waist band – it defines your waist perfectly.
    If anyone is sewing with cake patterns for the first time, it is definitely worth checking out the sew alongs on the cake website. Here is the red velvet one: . They are a wealth of information particularly when it comes to fit. The sew along Flickr groups have lots of examples of other peoples’ fit issues and the creator of Cake patterns Steph’s advice on sorting them out. I have found that the bit of tweaking Stephen suggests in the “mid construction fit check” always works well.


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