Lady Skater with chevron skirt

I present my Lady Skater dress from Kitschy Coo Patterns….! Isn’t it lovely. I really like all the other versions people have made of this dress, it looks great on everyone so I decided I had to make one, after all I did by the first Perfect Pattern Parcel and I still hadn’t got around to making any of the patterns up.

It was great to make something so easy for a change and it took just one evening to put together including cutting out. I have carefully and deliberately not matched most of my stripes except for the dominant white stripe on the skirt. I didn’t have enough fabric to match them anyway but I thought that the mismatching would compliment the casual style of the dress and fabric. I wanted to have chevrons in the front and back skirt panels and, because this was a cheap fabric and it’s effectively a wearable muslin, I didn’t pay any attention to the grain line when cutting the skirt pieces, just cut them the way I wanted the stripes to go. The grain is on various angles of bias, not the true bias, but that doesn’t matter at all, knits are so much more forgiving about this kind of thing. I had fun working out where to put the stripes and I’m hoping that by putting the white stripe across my bust and the dark stripes around my waist I’m creating the illusion that I actually have a bust and waist.

sewing 014sewing 012

sewing 022 sewing 024

I decided to match the dominant white stripe between the front and back skirt panels but I didn’t want this to be too matchy matchy so I cut the front and back in opposite directions on the fabric.  I cut the neck and armbands on the finer stripes because I thought that would look more interesting and I like the effect a lot, particularly on the neckline.

sewing 029 sewing 030

This dress is fast and easy to make. I finished it in one evening, and that included cutting out. I’m afraid I can’t comment on how good the instructions were because I only glanced over them to see what seam allowance to use, then put them aside. Even without the instructions this went together well and was very simple to make.  It’s a superb pattern and I think it’s going to be one of my go-to patterns for casual knit dresses.  I definitely recommend it!

sewing 011

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Fabric: 100% merino from Levana textiles in Levin which I bought on the recent Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network road trip. This fabric is a bit weird and the wrong side sticks to itself like Velcro. Prewashing it twice helped with that a lot though and I’ve worn the dress and washed it once and it continues to improve.

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