Camglisse with a dash of Ava

I’ve been looking forward to Franken-Indie week since it was announced.
I have wanted to make this dress up for longer than I like to admit, and this was just the shove gentle push I needed.
Once again, please forgive my photo skills, this week, I’ve lost the charger for my good camera, and have had to resort to the point and shoot grrr! Anyway, back to the dress…

This weeks entry is a hack of three patterns Sewaholic Cambie, Victory Patterns Ava, and Deer and Doe Reglisse.


The main fabric is from Thea-Finn on Instagram, and started its life as a vintage bed spread. It is a lovely thick cotton, and perfect for the cooler months. The contrast is left over spotted stretch tulle from my stash, the lining is white cotton poplin also from my stash.

The bodice is from Sewaholic Cambie, I used Victory patterns Ava as a template to convert the bodice back, and the skirt is Deer and Does Reglisse.
For the bodice, I used Tasia’s tutorial to convert the cambie from a sweetheart to straight neckline. For the back, I used Victory patterns Ava for the yoke placement, but still used the cambie upper bodice so the sleeves would line up properly, the side zipper, and to eliminate the middle back seam. the bodices was shortened by 1 inch (a standard alteration to most patterns), and I used the sleeve lining pattern piece to avoid the gathering, I also used store bought cream bias binding to finish of the yoke and sleeve.

For the skirt, I used Deer and Doe Reglisse. Because my fabric was a repurposed bed spread, the panels where only 1m by 50cm,so I had to cut the circle skirt in 4 pieces, but this ended up working to my advantage. By doing this and not adding any additional seam allowance, the finished measurements of the waist where very close to matching the Cambie bodice. I’m also really impressed with my accidental pattern match up on the waist, I couldn’t have done that if I tried haha. Surprise, surprise I also added an inseam pocket on the opposite side to the zipper.

My super awesome accidental matching.

I also left out the waist band, to be honest this was out of pure laziness, but that’s just between you and me!

The fit, is a little looser than I would normally like. I’m not sure if I will go back and fix it, because the fabric being vintage, is a little on the fragile side and I don’t know how well it would stand up to seam ripping and being tighter fitting. .


Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. I love the contrast detail and overall look of the dress, I don’t know how much wear it will actually get though. (because I’m paranoid about damaging the beautiful vintage fabric) but it will certainly be doing this Franken pattern again, but next time in a more durable main fabric.

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