Indie Pattern Month: Colette Moneta Dress

Hi, again! It’s been a while since my last post here, and I hope to keep up with the challenges a little better in the next little while. (I still haven’t posted about my “Sewing Double” project… but it’s coming, I promise!) I blog at Adventures of a Young Seamstress, and since all my teachers are on strike and most of my exams have been cancelled, I’ve been celebrating my early end to high school (yikes) by sewing lots!

This is, of course, Colette’s new Moneta Dress pattern, designed for knits. I always used to be very wary of sewing with knits, since my past experiences with them haven’t really been that fun. Now, though, I can’t get enough of them! I’ve already sewn my second version of this dress, and I went out today and bought 5 more metres of knits. I’m hooked!


I did have some trouble with the fit of this dress, but after some tweaking I think it turned out pretty well! It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly wearable, and that’s what I’m really focusing on in my sewing at the moment.

Overall, I love it! Now that it fits, I can see myself whipping up many more of these for the summer, because they’re super fast to sew, especially since I did everything except the shirring and the hems on the serger. They’re also so comfortable!

For more details and photos, check out my blog post or my flickr. Thanks for reading!


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