Franken-Indie: The Day-to-Night Franken-Nettie

Hey there,

As I mentioned last time, I was going to make a Franken-Nettie after my first “straight” Nettie bodysuit. In fact, I wanted to make this version right away when I first saw the Nettie pattern! I only made up the original pattern first to make sure that I understood how it went together, and that the bottom part of it fit okay. Don’t get me wrong, I like the original Nettie pattern—it’s just that what it inspired me to do, right from the start, was this franken-pattern, and only after that was I interested in making it up as designed.

The Details:

  • Indie Pattern(s) used: For the top part, the Maria Denmark Day-to-Night Drape Top, in a size XS. For the bottom part, the Closet Case Nettie Bodysuit, in a size 6.
  • Fabric & Notions: The main fabric is a stretchy, lightweight viscose knit (95% viscose, 5% elastane) from Initially, I was afraid that it might be too flimsy and see-through, but it has turned out fine. For the snap crotch lining, I used a scrap of teal shot cotton. And then I used three sew-on snaps again, of course.

  • Did you make any pattern alterations or design changes? Other than merging the two patterns (and removing the seam allowances from the Nettie), not really. I just wanted a Day-to-Night Drape Top that would stay tucked in, so the combination of these two patterns was perfect as it was. I made the crotch a little wider on the front and back pattern pieces because the lining piece didn’t fit correctly on my last version. I’m not sure why that is and whether it was my fault or the pattern’s. I’ve written to the designer about it, but haven’t heard back from her yet.

I have made the Maria Denmark Day-to-Night Drape Top before and I really like that version, but it tends not to stay where it belongs when I tuck it into a skirt. When the Nettie pattern was released, I immediately thought that a Day-to-Night bodysuit would be awesome! I love the drape neckline—and this way, the whole thing stays tucked, as it should be! What’s not to love?

I never used to tuck anything into my skirts or trousers, but it seems that I’m undergoing some kind of style evolution and starting to appreciate that sometimes an outfit just looks much tidier when the top is tucked into the skirt or trousers. But I still have no talent for that and my tops never stay neatly tucked in—so I can use all the help I can get. Enter: the bodysuit! (:

I’ve just finished my second Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt as well and I really like the Day-to-Night Nettie with it. I still feel like a bit of a caricature in the Kelly, but in a fun way. I’m sure many ladies wouldn’t want to look like a balloon, but I think it’s fun—and it’s even more fun with a very close-fitting top like this!

I have already talked about the Nettie pattern in my last post: It came together beautifully, the instructions and diagrams are clear and helpful. As for the Day-to-Night Drape Top, the instructions are fine as well. They aren’t very verbose and might possibly intimidate a complete beginner, but I found them easy to follow and comprehensive enough that I had no trouble assembling the top, and the finish is neat enough. The instructions contain photographs rather than diagrams, which, personally, I’m not all that happy with, but the photos are clear and come with helpful captions and annotations where required. I like that the instructions suggest two different ways of finishing the back neckline and the armholes: clear elastic or fold-over elastic. I used the clear elastic, of which I had just enough! There were literally about 2cm of it left when I was done, whew!

I’m not really sure what else to say about to this. It was a lot of fun to combine two lovely patterns into something new, and I’m thrilled that it worked out pretty much perfectly on my first attempt! It doesn’t happen often that I’m envisioning something and it comes together exactly as planned, but this time it has!

As last time, I have some more (and larger) photos of my bodysuit on my blog.

5 thoughts on “Franken-Indie: The Day-to-Night Franken-Nettie

    • Thank you, Rebecca! I don’t know how this popped into my head, but it was what I wanted to do with the Nettie right away. I’d love to see another version, so go ahead! (:


  1. I love this version too, the drape top looks great and I know what you mean about it not staying in its place, I have that problem all the time and this is what I really liked about the nettie, such a great pattern. I love the details on your skirt, not sure I get the caricature part? Why? It looks perfect on you 🙂


    • Thank you! (:
      I think that the Kelly makes my legs look comically long and my … derrière even bigger than it is, particularly from the side. I find it amusing, but I’m guessing not everyone would.


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