Georgia Grace goes swimming

I decided to combine By Hand London’s Georgia dress with Ohhh lulu’s Grace knickers into a bathing suit as both patterns have princess seams. The fabrics I used are both spandex – it was really hard to find anything I liked and this was as close as I got. It is winter here, so I wasn’t surprised to have limited choice, however I suspect that even in summer there would not be much of a range to choose from (that would compare to rtw prints). I couldn’t find swimsuit lining so I got some (navy) dance lining.. not really sure it that is OK, but it feels fine to me. I also cut some cups out of an old bra and attached them to the lining during construction. I felt like it would give a better result, but also just really wanted to try a new technique! I used rubber elastic around the neckline and leg holes as I couldn’t find any labelled swimsuit elastic and I pretty sure I remember seeing it in RTW togs. (togs is what New Zealanders call swimsuits BTW).


I’ve used both these patterns before and combing them wasn’t difficult – I didn’t follow any of the instructions for this make. Figuring out how long the torso needed to be was the most important part. I haven’t really sewn with lycra before so I wasn’t sure how the stretch was going to work lengthwise. As you may be able to tell from the pictures, the torso has come out a tiny bit too short. The neckline is really secure so it’s not going anywhere, however it sits a little bit low on the bust.


I can play with it a bit and pull the neckline higher but that results in high cut legs – a look which (combined with this fabric especially) is just a bit too 1990’s jazzercise for me. I actually have a couple of pairs of RTW togs that sit a bit low on the bust too so at least I don’t feel so bad for doing it on my version!


Here is a shot of the inside. I managed to doing the lining quite tidily except for that underbust seam, which is overlocked. My justification is that it functions like a shelf bra… believable, right?


This is as close as I am going to get to putting a bootay photo on the interwebs. Hopefully you get the gist of the back. I didn’t want straight straps as they have a tendency to fall off my shoulders, and the strap I had made was not long enough to do a decent crossover. Yip, I was pretty over it by the time I got to the straps and I couldn’t be bothered making more! I like the way they have ended up though. I’m not sure if they will stretch out a bit over time – I didn’t put any elastic inside or anything.


This was quite an arduous project really. I had to figure out a lot of it as I went and there was a lot of fitting involved since the Georgia pattern is too big for my ‘girls’ even when I’m not using stretchy spandex! I don’t think I would bother making another although it was quite fun to franken-pattern and to make a swimsuit for the first time. I will probably try to make a bikini or a more simple one-piece though – one where you can just take in the side seams to fit!

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11 thoughts on “Georgia Grace goes swimming

    • Oh thanks! I was very close to just doing the whole thing greeny/blue but it’s hard to resist colour-blocking (or other details) when a pattern allows for it!


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  2. Haha I was totally thinking about that ad today! I was considering going to the beach for a photoshoot but there were massive roadworks near our house today and it seemed like way too much effort.


  3. Fantastic togs! What a great result for your first swimwear project. Being a kiwi I can’t help but think of that Trumpet ad about togs being undies if you’re not within sight of the sea but there’s no mistaking these for anything but awesome togs, even in a garden 😉


    • Thanks! It’s a great idea in theory but next time I would probably stick to Ohhh Lulu’s ginger swimsuit pattern which is almost identical, with none of the figuring out involved!


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